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050 - SANIALARM Alarm for models 002-013-014-011-008 White
Our macerators and gray water pumps are designed for various types of applications. Therefore - they are exposed to different situations such as power failures - occasional abuse - or build-ups of limescale deposits in older units (if not regularly descaled) which can cause a surcharge of water in the unit.
The Sanialarm has a level pressure switch that triggers an alarm fixed on the top of the unit if the volume of water exceeds the maximum allowed level. The alarm emits a continuous 80 dB warning sound until it is switched off or the problem is rectified.
The Sanialarm is battery operated and can be installed on most models* in the Saniflo range - including Saniplus and Sanivite pumps. It has been designed to be installed on new or existing Saniflo installations as it is quickly fitted onto the lid of the Saniflo unit.

*Suitable for use with Saniplus - Sanipro - Sanibest Pro - Sanigrind Pro - Sanipack and Sanivite.
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