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  1. Kohler - Spout Adapter Kit
    Kohler - Kohler - Spout Adapter Kit



    Model : K-179-NA

  2. Kohler - Grommet
    Kohler - Kohler - Grommet



    Model : 58813

  3. Avatar - Valve Kit
    Kohler - Avatar - Valve Kit



    Model : 77548-A

  4. Kohler - Grip Ring Kit
    Kohler - Kohler - Grip Ring Kit



    Model : 79148-58

  5. Kohler - Urinal Gasket
    Kohler - Kohler - Urinal Gasket



    Model : GP53410

    Kohler - Kohler - DFV FLUSH VALVE KIT



    Model : 1208885

  7. Kohler - Valve Kit
    Kohler - Kohler - Valve Kit



    Model : 1341336

  8. Kohler - Tee Assembly
    Kohler - Kohler - Tee Assembly



    Model : 73858

  9. Kohler - Insert
    Kohler - Kohler - Insert



    Model : 1060514

  10. Kohler - Collar
    Kohler - Kohler - Collar



    Model : 87118-CP

  11. Kohler - Molded Bonnet
    Kohler - Kohler - Molded Bonnet



    Model : 1003662-CP

  12. Kohler - Handle for Bath Drain
    Kohler - Kohler - Handle for Bath Drain



    Model : 1010343-AF

  13. Kohler - Stem Driver
    Kohler - Kohler - Stem Driver



    Model : 1070733


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Kohler Faucets
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The Bold Look Of KOHLER

The Bold Look of KohlerWith a diverse portfolio of brands and products that share a singular level of quality craftsmanship, Kohler Co. has long been recognized as a leader in bath and kitchen design. Form and Function (1900-1920s)

In 1911, Kohler introduced the one-piece, built-in bathtub. More sanitary and attractive than its predecessors, it was considered an industry revolution since it artfully eliminated all crevices, joints and seams.

Introduced in 1926, the electric sink was an ingenious combination of a conventional sink and the dishwasher that would become commonplace 20 years later. Since most people did not have enough hot water in their homes to successfully operate the fixture, the electric sink was soon reduced to a footnote in Kohler's long history of innovation.

From 1925 to 1927, toilets and wash basins made of vitreous china were added, transforming the single-line company into a full-line manufacturer.

Brass Kohler faucets, showerheads and other plumbing fittings in chromium and gold were added to the company's product offering in the late 1920s.

In 1927, the company introduced bathroom sets-a bathtub, toilet and lavatory-in matching colors. The innovation showed a concern for aesthetics and manufacturing ingenuity for matching colors across a range of materials and dissimilar processes. From that point on, Kohler plumbing products meant beautiful form as much as reliable function.


The Bold Look Of KOHLER (1960s)

The Bold Look of Kohler (1960s)The decade marked the launch of THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER, an advertising campaign and array of exciting new plumbing products in vivid accent colors. The campaign was also significant because it solidified a culture and attitude within the company.

Blueberry, Citron, Antique Red, Coppertone, Expresso, and Jade offered a dramatic departure from the pastels which had been popular for almost four decades. But color was just the beginning.

A rush of leading edge plumbing products also included: - Whirlpool baths in an array of shapes and sizes - Big kitchen sinks for big homes, and compact models for small apartments - Lightweight, easy to clean fiberglass shower modules - Faucets with interchangeable handle inserts.


Art, Innovation, Life (1990s and Beyond)

Art, Innovation, Life (1990s and Beyond)As consumers began to spend more quality time at home, Kohler continued to meet their needs with a fresh approach to product design.

Kohler advanced the trend toward increased luxury in the home by fostering the master suite concept. Console tables and bath vanities shared a unity of design with bedroom furnishings.

Electronics and other technological improvements enhanced the bathing experience and also contributed to an array of stylish toilets, faucets and showerheads engineered to promote water conservation.

Innovative showering products and luxurious whirlpool baths transformed bathrooms into relaxing retreats in an otherwise fast-paced world.

Decorative Kohler fixtures, textured surfaces and expressive colors elevated the rituals of everyday living to an art form.