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  1. Delta - Metal Push-Pop With Overflow
    Delta - Delta - Metal Push-Pop With Overflow



    Model : RP101630CZ

  2. Delta - Metal Glass Rinser Cover
    Delta - Delta - Metal Glass Rinser Cover



    Model : RP101289CZ

  3. Delta - Escutcheon Trim 10-Inch
    Delta - Delta - Escutcheon Trim 10-Inch



    Model : RP47274CZ

  4. Delta - Parts Shower Flange
    Delta - Delta - Parts Shower Flange



    Model : RP51034CZ

  5. Delta dst stem assembly
    Delta - Delta dst stem assembly



    Model : RP60400

  6. Delta - Part Bidet Base
    Delta - Delta - Part Bidet Base



    Model : RP62961CZ

  7. Delta - Parts Ceiling Shower Arm
    Delta - Delta - Parts Ceiling Shower Arm



    Model : RP61058CZ

  8. Delta - Parts
    Delta - Delta - Parts



    Model : RP34353CZ

  9. Delta - Parts Shower Arm 16 Inch
    Delta - Delta - Parts Shower Arm 16 Inch



    Model : RP46870CZ

  10. Delta - Part Series
    Delta - Delta - Part Series



    Model : RP63975

  11. Delta - Parts Conical Nut
    Delta - Delta - Parts Conical Nut



    Model : RP40663CZ

  12. Delta - Parts 15 in Shower Arm
    Delta - Delta - Parts 15 in Shower Arm



    Model : RP61273CZ

  13. Delta -Part Stoper Drain
    Delta - Delta -Part Stoper Drain



    Model : RP5648CZ


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Delta Faucets
Delta Faucets for the Kitchen & Bath
A new Delta faucet in your kitchen or bath is an inexpensive way to spruce up a room. No more drips or out-dated faucets. Delta faucets are easy to install and come with a Lifetime limited warranty (5 year for Commercial faucets). Delta's innovative designs and safety features lead the way in the faucet industry.
Delta Kitchen Faucets: Innovative Designs
If are looking to replace your kitchen or bathroom faucet, we have what you're looking for. Because we have such a large warehouse we are able to carry all Delta lines including, Touch2o, Victorian, Signature, Lahara, cassidy, Palo, Allora, Leland, Trinsic and more. Search our database and find the Delta faucet that will make your kitchen or bathroom look like new. Our prices are low and we ship the same day as your order.
In2ition® Shower
From top to bottom, or bottom to top, with 2 showers in 1, the In2ition Shower gives you water any way you need it, anywhere you want it. The showerhead features a detachable handshower, which can run separately from or simultaneously with the showerhead, giving you the warmth and flexibility of two streams of water at once. Enjoy the comfort of water streaming from the showerhead position, while the handshower offers the flexibility to accomplish other tasks, such as bathing your children; washing your pet; and keeping your shower clean. When you're finished, simply slip the handshower back into place on the showerhead.
MagnaTite™ Docking
MagnaTite™ docking keeps the kitchen pull-down spray wand firmly in place with a powerful integrated magnet, so it stays docked when not in use. The pull-down spray wand comes free with a gentle tug and gives you total flexibility. The hose extends and retracts without friction points, fed by gravity. The toggle button on most wands featuring MagnaTite allows you to switch between aerated spray and stream modes. As you raise the wand to dock it, the magnet embedded in the spout pulls the wand precisely into place. So unlike other pull-downs that tend to droop over time, MagnaTite keeps your pull-down faucet looking picture perfect.
The Lahara Collection
Transitional Styling - The elegant, one-piece curved handles and sleek spout of Lahara compliments any décor. Full Suite of Product - Coordinating accessories, faucets and showers in chrome, Brilliance® Stainless, Venetian Bronze®, and Aged Pewter allow consumers to extend the look throughout the bath. Comprehensive shower offering - Lahara includes a full showering offering - from single-function to thermostatic control allowing for a truly custom shower experience. Lahara's thermostatic showers feature a rain can showerhead for a drenching shower experience. The first lavatory faucet to be certified by WaterSense - Integrated water-efficient aerators provide a smart water delivery solution that maximizes water savings without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of the user experience or the durability and life span of the product.