RBFPLUG - Dimplex - Built-in Fireboxes - Accessory Kit - 120V Plug Kit

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Optional 120V plug kit for RBF fireboxes by Dimplex.

  • Simply connect, plug-in, and enjoy lifelike flames.
  • This accessory is not required if you own the 24" Revillusion models (RBF24DLX or RBF24DLXWC, sold separately) as they come with an optional plug kit included in the box.
  • Instructions to connect to your Revillusion fireplace are included for easy install.
  • The RBFPLUG can be used with any of the Revillusion fireboxes (RBF30, RBF30WC, RBF36, RBF36WC, RBF36P, RBF36PWC, RBF42, or RBF42WC, all sold separately).
Special Notes :

Key Technical Specifications

  • UPC 781052107656

  • Product Depth/Length (cm) 243.84

  • Product Width(cm) 17.78

  • Product Height (cm) 6.35

  • Product Weight (kg) 0.27

  • Product Width(in) 7

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