Broan - Ventilators 1600 CFM Roof Mount

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356BK1600 CFMRoof MountBlack
Too often, attic ventilation is overlooked, not to mention ignored as a place for energy savings. That's where BROAN solutions make sense. Consider this: air trapped in your attic can easily reach 150 degrees or more. With BROAN ventilation solutions, it's still a full 60 degrees cooler in the attic on a 90 degree day. That's why attic ventilation is critical to making any home more comfortable while lowering energy costs. Air conditioners can run less and won't have to work as hard. Humid, stagnant air can be removed, drawing fresh dry air across the surfaces. Your attic can be drier and cooler - the perfect tools to help fight potential moisture damage. Each PVC dome is available in three popular performance ratings along with two metal dome models. Select one that best suits the attic size and shingle color. Attic Size: Up to 2285 sq. ft. Amps: 8.0 CFM: 1600 Height: 8" Dome Diameter: 23-1/4" Dome Material: PVC
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