Steam Planet Steam Generators - The Luxury Your Bathroom Needs

What are Steam Planet Steam Generators?

Steam Planet - Luxury Steam Showers

Steam Planet steam generators are an efficient and cost-effective way to generate steam for industrial processes. They are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain, making them a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable steam generator.

With the help of modern technology, these generators can provide high-quality steam at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Additionally, they can be used in a wide range of applications such as heating, sterilization, and power generation. So if you are looking for an efficient and reliable way to generate steam, Steam Planet Steam Generators may be the perfect solution for you.

Steam Planet Steam Generator Features

Steam Planet steam generators are a great way to provide hot water and heat to your home. With their Encore series, you get the most energy-efficient steam generator available on the market. The Encore series is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to generate up to five times more steam than traditional steam generators. This allows you to save energy and money while still getting all of the benefits of a hot shower or bath. Plus, these generators are easy to install and maintain, making them perfect for any home or business.

Choose Steam Generators by Steam Planet

Steam Planet steam generators are becoming increasingly popular in the home as a way to provide a relaxing spa-like experience. They use advanced technology and innovative design to provide a powerful, customizable steam experience that is easy to install and maintain.

Superior Encore Steam Generator (The Newest Line of Steam Generators by Steam Planet)

The Superior Encore Steam Generator series by Steam Planet is a revamped, cutting-edge line of steam generators that simplified installation with its enhanced features. The integrated thermostat in the new keypads eliminates the requirement for extra temperature probe holes.

Additionally, the keypad connection cable has undergone significant improvements for faster and easier connection. With Auto-Drain technology, the Superior Encore Steam Generator guarantees fresh and healthy steam production. Trust its ETL Certification for peace of mind.

What are the Encore Steam Generator features?

  • [COMPLETE STEAM SHOWER KIT] Superior Encore Steam Generator kit comes with everything you need for a full Steam Shower experience. This complete system package has an ETL certified steam generator with auto-drain feature, digital keypad with built-in temperature sensor and ¾ inch aromatherapy steam head. All communications are included.
  • [SELF-DRAINING] Superior Encore Steam Generators are equipped with Auto-Drain feature to enhance the lifetime of your steam generator. Thanks to its clean purge system, water is automatically drained out of the steam generator 20 minutes after each use so you have fresh & healthy steam everytime! It may also come with a drip pan that catches and drains away any water leaks from generator fittings.
  • [PROVEN SAFETY AND RELIABILITY] Steam Planet’s Superior Steam Generators have been producing high-quality steam shower kits for over 15 years. The new Superior Encore is a re-engineered series that comes with multiple upgrades for easier use and installation. Each Superior Encore steam unit is ETL certified and is proven safe and reliable, providing long lasting durability and relaxation.
  • [EASY ONE CLICK CABLE CONNECTION] Fast-installing and plumbing-ready steam generator kit to save time & money for your next bathroom remodel. Just hook it up to your water and electric line, tie the auto-drain into the house drain system and you’re ready to steam!
  • [AROMATHERAPY STEAM HEAD] Aromatherapy steam head is included with each steam generator kit. Use essential oils to elevate your steaming experience. Just add a drop of oil to the steam head and enjoy the relaxing scent.
  • [STATE OF THE ART KEYPAD] With Encore Steam Generator Keypad, you can set up comfortable temperature and time for your steaming session. Their keypad has a built-in temperature sensor which saves time during the installation process. (External 5ft wire probe is available if needed). Its dual setup allows the keypad to be easily mounted in or outside of the steam shower.  

For Encore Plus models, you can set the mood and listen to your favorite music, radio, podcasts and more while steaming– all through your phone-- with the Bluetooth Audio feature. 

  • [EASY AND SPACE-SAVING INSTALLATION] Superior Encore Steam Generators have a compact design that allows hassle-free installation in tight and small spaces like inside a vanity, closet or near the shower.

What are the product options for the Superior Encore Series?

1) Superior Encore Steam Generator Sizes

2) Superior Encore Digital Keypads

  • Horizontal Digital Keypad in Black
  • Horizontal Digital Keypad in White
  • Vertical Digital Keypad in Black
  • Vertical Digital Keypad in White

3) Superior Encore Hydrotherapy features and accessories

  • Aromatherapy Steam Head- elevates the steaming experience by allowing the use of essential oils
  • Drip Pan- catches and drains away any water leaks from generator fittings

The Encore series steam generators from Steam Planet provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to add this luxurious feature to their homes.

With Steam Planet's Encore series, you can enjoy the benefits of a personal spa in your own home!