Insinkerator: Usage Tips For Your Disposal Unit

Who is Insinkerator?

Insinkerator is a popular brand that manufactures garbage disposals for kitchen sinks. A garbage disposal, also known as a food waste disposer, is a device installed under the sink that shreds food waste into small pieces, allowing it to pass through the plumbing system easily.

What are Insinkerator Disposals?

Insinkerator disposals are known for their durability, efficiency, and quiet operation. They offer a range of models with different features and power levels to suit various household needs. Some of their popular models include the Badger series (such as Badger 5, Badger 1), Evolution series (such as Evolution Excel, Evolution Compact), and PRO series (such as PRO750, PRO880LT).

Insinkerator Disposal Care and Maintenance Tips

When using an Insinkerator disposal, it's important to follow proper guidelines to ensure its optimal performance and prevent clogs or damage. Here are some general tips:

  • Always run water while operating the disposal: Keep a steady stream of cold water running while the disposal is in use. This helps in flushing the waste particles through the system.
  • Feed waste gradually: To avoid overloading the disposal, feed food waste gradually rather than dumping a large amount at once. Cut large pieces into smaller ones before putting them into the disposal.
  • Avoid non-food items: Only dispose of food waste in the garbage disposal. Avoid putting non-food items, such as plastic, metal, or glass, into the disposal as they can damage the blades.
  • Clean the disposal regularly: To prevent odors and maintain cleanliness, periodically clean the disposal. You can do this by grinding ice cubes, citrus peels, or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Use disposal-friendly foods: While disposals can handle a wide range of food waste, some items like large bones, fibrous vegetables (e.g., celery), coffee grounds, and grease should be avoided as they can cause clogs or damage.

Remember to consult the specific user manual provided by Insinkerator for detailed instructions and safety precautions for your particular model.