Grohe - GrohSafe 3.0 Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve

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Grohe - GrohSafe 3.0 Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve


The GROHE GrohSafe 3.0 Shower Rough-in Valve is engineered for quick, easy installations no matter the situation. Compact body allows for a hassle-free fit even in tight spaces. Flat back ensures solid mounting on a standard cross brace, and installation on thin walls or steel is sturdy and secure. Made of DZR brass to resist corrosion, our exclusive stub-out connections allow you to connect press-connect fittings directly to the valve without additional solder or piping. Equipped with a flush plug, it allows you to quickly test or flush lines with ease. Stainless steel fixation ring keeps flush plug and cartridge in place without screws. Cartridge sold separately.

  • Easily connect press-connect fittings directly to the valve without special adaptors
  • Flush plug allows valve body to be tested and flushed without the presence of the valve cartridge (ships with trim)
  • Can be tested using flush plug with air (200 psi) or water (300 psi)
  • Stainless steel retaining ring with flats secures flush plug and cartridge, eliminating the need for screws
  • Flat back allows valve to be mounted flush against cross brace for easy and solid installation
  • DZR cast brass body is durable and corrosion-resistant even in harsh water conditions
  • Back-to-back capability allowing hot and cold to be reversed quickly and easily
  • Exclusive plaster guard is designed to protect valve and act as a guide during installation
  • Plaster guard can serve as mounting support for thin-wall installations
  • Wide rough-in range from 1-3/4 in. to 2-3/4 in. from finished wall to back of valve
  • Includes service stops for easy servicing at the valve
  • Cartridge ships with trim
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**Rough-In Valve not included

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